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Value Delivery.

The strength of our consulting practice is that our people combine exceptionally strong analytical skills with the ability to work

Our Expertise
Unique Approach.

The core of our approach is the ability to abstract a model of the real-life problem that is intuitive to use..


We are a leading provider of transformation, strategy, technology and outsourcing services.

Services We Provide

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At Global Infoswift Consulting, we provide clients with the tools they need to better understand the competitive landscape and develop a more versatile, flexible approach

Digital & Technology Consulting

At Global Infoswift Consulting, we ensure you receive the most from your digital investments


Customers today require more personalised services. At Global Infoswift Consulting, our digital consultants provide technical solutions for unparalleled client experience, with a seamless strategic approach to state-of-the art digital acquisition and efficient, risk-free implementation.

Data & Web Analytics

It can be difficult for organisations to make the right decisions, select the best options or gain competitive advantage. Big Data and Web Analytics enable our clients to approach problems and make decisions with confidence based on evidence from logical, structured analysis.


People are the lifeblood of every successful organisation. They solve problems, seize opportunities, deliver results and drive success. We can help you recruit and retain the right talent and develop them into world-class performers.


Providing insight-Our aim is simple: to help you succeed. An ever-changing operating landscape means we need to continuously evolve to ensure we provide only world-class learning interventions from creation through to delivery in partnership with the finest providers.transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, clearing houses.

Our Little Story

Something About Us

Global InfoSwift Consulting Limited (GIC) – is an independent business entity with a proud and successful track record across a number of focused solution areas and client base, managed by a dedicated team of former ‘Top 4’ management consulting house senior advisors and other specialists who possess impeccable pedigree and expertise garnered over 20 years – across various countries and industries. We are a leading provider of transformation, strategy, technology and outsourcing services.

Did you know that

We are trusted by more than 5,000 clients

The strength of our consulting practice is that our people combine exceptionally strong analytical skills with the ability to work collaboratively with our clients and partners to solve complex problems and communicate recommendations in a straight forward manner.

In an era of escalating IT security and safety threats, every business is vulnerable.

We have a professional, knowledgeable Technology Assurance team highly experienced in every aspect of IT risk including cyber security, data analytics and social media

  • Global Consumer BankingIntellect enables investment in the best products. Designed around a 360° digital approach, Intellect products represent the best of both worlds including customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Risk and Treasury ManagementState-of-the-art Intellect OneTREASURY empowers traders with two-click trade booking, powerful hedging tools for simulations and ‘what if’ analysis to increase revenue, reduce risk and highlight data.
  • FinTech AdvisoryOur Fin Tech solutions ensure seamless support and operations through extensive validations, radical simplifications of products, processes, and operations, as well as on-the-job learning for employees.
  • Cyber SecurityWe provide a comprehensive range of high-level, fully integrated cyber security services to help organisations assess, build, and manage their protection and security.

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