Digital & Technology Consulting
Digital technology is changing how we work. To remain competitive, agile, innovative and responsive, your organization needs to be part of the digital revolution. At Global Infoswift Consulting, we ensure you receive the most from your digital investments

Financial Technology
We’re proud to have earned an unrivaled international reputation
providing clients with insight, leadership and innovative solutions to business problems. Powerful partnerships are at the heart of what we do. We leverage
them to create extraordinary digital experiences for you.

Global Transaction Banking
Utilising our partnerships with Intellect, we help banks to implement a fully integrated, digital transaction banking platform, which serves seamless experiences across the corporate financial supply chain.

Digital Core
We help banks to eliminate serious transformational complexities by deploying Intellect Digital Core, which is designed by bankers and guarantees consistent customer experiences and operational excellence.

Global Consumer Banking
Intellect enables investment in the best products. Designed around a 360° digital approach, Intellect products represent the best of both worlds including customer experience and operational efficiency.

Quantum Central Banking
Intellect Quantum is designed specifically for Central Banks, reducing complexities and driving informed
decision-making, risk management, flexibility, integrated analytics, and unparalleled security.

Intellect SEEC guarantees complete digital transformation, raising the bar on user-experience and reducing overall IT costs by 60% with artificial intelligence and underwriting workstation solutions.

FinTech Advisory
Our Fin Tech solutions ensure seamless support and operations through extensive validations, radical simplifications of products, processes, and operations, as well as on-the-job learning for employees

Risk and Treasury Management
State-of-the-art Intellect OneTREASURY empowers traders with two-click trade booking, powerful hedging tools for simulations and ‘what if’ analysis to increase revenue, reduce risk and highlight data.

IT Assessment
Our IT assessment service provides businesses such as banking, healthcare, and manufacturing with key components to ensure IT meets needs. Our consultants are equipped with vast in-depth knowledge of the latest IT
requirements, issues, laws, and new developments.

IT Strategy
Our IT strategy initiatives align IT with the business and help to develop capabilities to address a wide spectrum of
organisational scenarios, covering strategic IT planning, digital and operating model design, business architecture,
and big data analytics.

IT Governance and Organization
Our IT governance services enable organisations to align their IT with business objectives, developing effective,
efficient processes as a result therefore actualising opportunities, maximising gains, increasing efficiency and
automation, and reducing costs.

IT Project Effectiveness
Using best practice IT project management, we support and advise the design, development, and implementation of IT initiatives and products, helping to pinpoint areas of success and failure in current and future projects, using Agile or Waterfall philosophy.

In an era of escalating IT security and safety threats, every business is vulnerable. At Global Infoswift Consulting, we have a professional, knowledgeable Technology Assurance team highly experienced in every aspect of IT risk including cyber security, data analytics and social media.

Systems and Compliance Assessment 
We provide in-depth regulatory experience and know-how to help companies with compliance functions, building the vision and driving strategies, capabilities and reporting activities to conform with best practice standards and frameworks.

Risk Management
The Enterprise Risk Management service helps organisations integrate risk management into their business and strategic processes, enabling them to take
initiatives to create value, as well as respond to and mitigate risks appropriately.

Information & Cyber Security
We provide a comprehensive range of high-level, fully integrated cyber security services to help organisations assess, build, and manage their protection and security, as well as fully understand and respond to any incidents or threats.

Payment & Data Security
We support clients in designing and implementing security around their critical data and payment infrastructure to support business operations.
We utilise technology to expertly gather and analyse large sets of data enabling our clients to gather information and knowledge that can be used effectively to conduct investigations, negotiate with regulators, and settle any disputes.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management
Our knowledge and experience enable us to support organisations in the design and implementation of business resilience and continuity for processes and operations, based on long-standing best practice implementations and
tested approach.

Customers today require more personalised services. At Global Infoswift Consulting, our digital consultants provide technical solutions for unparalleled client experience, with a seamless strategic approach to state-of-the art digital
acquisition and efficient, risk-free implementation.

1. API/Appifcation
The benefit of creating applications using APIs as building blocks are being recognised as the best way to keep pace with the business and economic
challenges facing industries. We support organisations with dynamic solutions to redefine frontiers and innovate with agility and speed.
2. Cloud Computing
Our cross-functional cloud computing services across public, private or hybrid options unlock immeasurable business value, supporting growth,
enabling innovation, competitive advantage, agility, scalability, and flexibility, while addressing governance, risk, and compliance requirements.

3. Block Chain
Blockchain vows to bring trust and transparency to a world lled with uncertainty and the threat of fraud. At Global Infoswift Consulting, we support
organisations and help them to implement advanced blockchain technology to eliminate inefciencies created by a lack of trust and transparency.
4. Internet of Things
We assist clients in formulating IOT strategies and ensures all IOT implementations realize intended objective. As industries and businesses explore the exciting topic of the Internet of Things (IoT), we support organisations to successfully compete in the Internet of Things, utilizing these technologies to capture data at every touch point into a centralize data store which is then analysed and insights extracted to facilitate data-driven decision making.

5. Enterprise Resource Planning
We support organisations with a comprehensive and robust implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, overcoming the hurdles and challenges through complete and thorough project and change management, enabling business processes to be managed far more effectively.
6. SMS Business Hub
We provide services to support both small and medium-sized businesses in the optimisation of performance for their clients using technology. Services include strategic planning, product optimisation, process automation, business registration, financial advisory, and business modelling.