Maintenance & Support Services (MSS)

Global InfoSwift maintenance helps avoid the future issues, our maintenance and Support provides clients with the security of knowing that access is available to expertise and support when the unexpected occurs.

Our service solutions include all the critical elements to help make your network operation successful:
  • Technical assistance 24x7
  • Software updates
  • eSupport, provides direct access to solutions, documentation, design

Software Maintenance & Support Services (SMSS)

Our Software Maintenance & Support Services (SMSS) provides a cost-effective way to receive product updates and bug, get technical support, add new products to your license, and manage licenses. You can continue uninterrupted service in subsequent years by renewing your SMSS subscription annually.

SMSS subscriptions include 12 months of GlobalInfoSwift Technical Support for installation and use of the licenses to which the subscriptions are attached. A one year subscription is included with every new license and can be renewed annually.

Our support team can troubleshoot, offer solutions for workflow issues specific to your workplace, guide you through a variety of time-saving techniques. Our comprehensive technical support includes:

  • New software releases
  • Installation support
  • Maintenance updates
  • License activation
  • Technical Support by phone and email
Other Services