Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile and robust platform used by leading organizations around the world. By facilitating "one-stop" collaboration, knowledge management, document management, enterprise search, and more, SharePoint enables companies to streamline information and significantly enhance collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. However, without proper guidance and support, navigating the process of transitioning to SharePoint, customizing it for your organization's specific needs, and maintaining the system, can be challenging.

"SharePoint" can refer to one or more Microsoft SharePoint products or technologies including:

SharePoint Online: A cloud-based service, hosted by Microsoft, for businesses of all sizes. Instead of installing and deploying SharePoint Server on premises, any business can now simply subscribe to an Office 365 plan, or the standalone SharePoint Online service, and their employees can create sites to share documents and information with colleagues, partners, and customers. 

SharePoint Foundation: The underlying technology for all SharePoint sites. SharePoint Foundation is available for free on premises deployment—in previous versions it was called Windows SharePoint Services. You can use SharePoint Foundation to quickly create many types of sites where you can collaborate on Web pages, documents, lists, calendars, and data. 

SharePoint Server: Organizations can deploy and manage SharePoint Server on premises. It includes all the features of SharePoint Foundation plus additional features and capabilities, such as Enterprise Content Management, business intelligence, enterprise search, personal sites, and Newsfeed.

SharePoint Designer: A free program for designing, building, and customizing Web sites that run on SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server. With SharePoint Designer, you can create data-rich Web pages, build powerful workflow-enabled solutions, and design the look and feel of your site. The sites you create can range from small project management team sites to dashboard-driven portal solutions for large enterprises.

SharePoint Workspace: A desktop program that you can use to take SharePoint site content offline and collaborate on the content with others while you are disconnected from the network. While you and other team members are offline, you can make changes to SharePoint content that will eventually synchronize back to the SharePoint site. In SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Workspace was replaced with SkyDrive Pro folder sync.

SkyDrive Pro folder sync: A desktop program that you can use to sync an offline version of a team site or SkyDrive Pro library to a folder on your computer.

At Global InfoSwift, we offer you a full-cycle SharePoint implementation and post-implementation services – including migration, training, and support..

We provide you with the best-fit SharePoint development solutions. Our professionals first study your business and information processes, the applications being used, and other key aspects impacting your workflow. This helps understand your requirements before drawing up a solution. The business-specific knowledge gained also helps prevent your previous IT investments from being wasted during a new SharePoint solution implementation.

Our Microsoft SharePoint Services includes

SharePoint Assessment and Planning: Whether you have already selected Microsoft SharePoint as the best platform for your organization or are in the process of evaluating whether SharePoint is the right fit, we can help you by conducting a detailed assessment and analysis of your needs and developing the best strategy to meet those needs.

SharePoint installation and configuration services: Now that you have decided that SharePoint is the right system for your organization’s needs, our SharePoint consultants will work with you to install and configure your SharePoint infrastructure. Though fairly straightforward, the process does require careful planning with your IT team to ensure a smooth installation and configuration process. Our experience and thorough knowledge of SharePoint best practices enable us to ensure that your SharePoint implementation works properly and consistently and that you prevent issues from arising down the road.

SharePoint Migration: Global InfoSwift has extensive experience assisting companies in complex SharePoint migrations. Whether you need to transition from your legacy systems to SharePoint or migrate content from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013, our experienced team can ensure a risk-managed, seamless migration. We work closely with you to analyze your business and technical needs, develop and implement a migration strategy that is right for your organization, implement customizations and new requirements in your migrated SharePoint system, and ensure that your migrated system works in full accordance with your needs.

Custom SharePoint Development: We believe that SharePoint's out-of-the-box features can adequately meet most of many clients' requirements. We recommend thoroughly using and exploring SharePoint out-of-the box before considering custom development, as this will often save you unnecessary time and money spent. However, if you do realize, as many organizations do, that you have a need to extend the functionality of your SharePoint system above and beyond what the built-in features offer, we can work collaboratively with you to develop custom SharePoint solutions to meet your unique needs. Our SharePoint consultants can analyze your needs, provide recommendations in regard to which and how much SharePoint customization may be necessary and worth applying, and then implement such customizations.