Project Management

Get the essential business skills by taking part in one of our project management training courses.

We offer accredited Project Management courses and qualifications for all levels, including PRINCE2® Foundation and Practioner certificates with outstanding pass rates.

PRINCE2® stands for Projects in Controlled Environments and is a structured framework for the efficient running of any project.

Training Course

  1. APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management
    This intensive course is designed for all project personnel including new project managers, project team members and project support staff who require an understanding of the fundamentals of project management. This is also suitable for anyone looking to achieve a nationally recognised, entry level qualification in project management. 

    No previous experience of working in projects is necessary. However, pre-read documentation is provided before the course and it is essential that delegates complete all of the recommended self-study prior to attending the event.
  2. PRINCE2 Foundation
    For those managing small projects or who hold a junior project management role, and anyone who needs to participate fully and effectively within a PRINCE2® project. This course provides an insight into the process-oriented approach of the PRINCE2® project method and the value of using it for implementing projects, and includes a qualification.
  3. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner 
    For those who need to set up and manage complex projects or who are involved in large-scale project work, and are looking for a best practice methodology. The Practitioner qualification provides all the tools you need to become a PRINCE2® expert and includes the foundation level qualification. 
  4. Effective Communication Skills
    Communication is the art of being understood and of understanding others. This course looks at all elements of communication from planning your communication and style to how to present a positive image. This course is Ideal for anyone looking to enhance their interpersonal relationships and effectiveness to present a clear and positive message in work situations.
  5. Managing Successful Projects
    Learn how to use effective project techniques to help you reduce spend, meet and beat deadlines and pre-empt and plan for problems before they take place.

    We’ll show what is required when planning your project and give you essential tools and techniques to put them into practice.

    These include understanding the project requirements, organizing and preparing the project for implementation, managing your baseline with detail of work structures, critical activities and tasks.

    Also how to budget with precision to maximize resources, how to manage change and disruption to the project schedule, how to measure and control your project and how to close it and hand over.