Auditor Training

  1. ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Course
    Becoming an internal auditor will help you review and improve an energy management system.

    During this two-day course, you’ll be guided through the elements of an energy management internal audit based on ISO 50001 and ISO 19011.

    Through discussion and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the standard as well as how to plan, conduct and report on an internal audit.

    You’ll gain all the practical auditing knowledge needed to review the effectiveness of an Energy Management System.

    This will help further cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and enhance your reputation

    This course will also discuss integrating ISO 50001 audits with other management systems, like ISO 14001.
  2. ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Course
    Gain the skills and knowledge to conduct and lead effective energy management system audits to the requirements of ISO 50001 and ISO 19011.

    This course explains the principles and practices of independent auditing for an energy management system. You’ll be guided through the entire audit process from managing an audit program to reporting on audit results.

    Working with our professional tutors, you will learn to manage audit teams as well as the entire energy management system audit process.

    Hands-on training gives you practical expertise that can be applied to your role as soon as you complete the course. Walk away with the ability to deliver an excellent audit and energy management system to ISO 50001 standards.
  3. Energy Management ISO 50001 Registered Auditor
    Ensure that your audit programme is performed to the highest standard by having your team qualified as BSI Registered Auditors. Your auditors will continue to improve their skills through the qualification, leading to improvements to your business and increased value and relevance of the audit results.