Collaborative Relationship

Collaborative working makes good businesses sense – find out what makes great business relationships and how to build them. We have worked in more than 50 countries to deliver technical assistance projects which support their quality infrastructure systems and help them to compete and trade in global markets. 

Training Courses

  1. Introduction to BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship
    Better business relationships lead to better business performance. Get the best out of partnerships working with our Introduction to BS 11000 Collaborative Relationships – setting you one step ahead. Working with other organisations on a collaborative basis, you can gain competitive advantage through better cost, resource and risk management, as well as encouraging innovation. Understand how by learning about BS 11000, its eight-stage structure and principles. Gain a sound understanding of the benefits of managing effective collaborative relationships and how to really benefit from partnership working. You will work with expert trainers to review all BS 11000 requirements and find out how to guarantee excellent delivery and achieve outstanding supplier and customer relationships.
  2. Implementing BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationship
    Make it your business to deliver the benefits of collaborative working and lead excellent partnerships in your organisation. Choose our Implementing BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships Training Course and guide your business to BS 11000 certification.

    Our expert trainers keep the course practical giving you relevant knowledge to achieve the BS 11000 standard of collaborative relationship management. Your learning is based around industry best practice outlined in BS 11000:2010. Find out how to challenge and innovate to get the best out of partnerships and deliver real benefits – achieve greater efficiency by sharing skills and resources and reducing cost and risk.

    We recommend you attend the Introduction to BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships first.